East Netherlands Region


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In East Netherlands, new knowledge, insights and techniques are used to develop concepts for broad application in the healthcare and medical sectors.

Within the Concepts for a Healthy Life flagship there are three focus areas:

  • Health Technology and Delivery Systems: development and application of technological as well as societal solutions in the healthcare and medical sector;
  • Healthy Brain: developing knowledge in regards to the human brain (molecular, behaviour, etc.), to support solutions in healthcare;
  • Personalised Health and Nutrition: bespoke medical diagnostics, treatment and guidance, as well as improving the applicability of the opportunities that biochemical developments can offer.


Examples of initiatives in East Netherlands are the ‘Healthy Brain’ and ‘Food for Health’ initiatives, as well as the cross-border cooperation taking place in the INTERREG-sponsored project MIND (Medical Innovations Netherlands / Deutschland). In the Horizon 2020 ‘MURAB’ project University of Twente’s biopsy robot combines MRI and Ultrasound.

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